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Jastëk Anatomik Bamboo V4

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Jastëk Anatomik Bamboo V4
3,990 Lekë
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A better pillow for a better back

Pillows are not just to rest your head on, but also provide the firm support you need to keep your neck and shoulders aligned, and so keep your spine pain free and in good health. In addition to washing the covers, it’s important to replace your pillows every few years, for a more hygienic sleeping environment.

Memory foam for firm, custom support

Memory foam is the ideal material for pillows, staying soft yet firm while moulding to the contours of your body, and providing just the right amount of support where you need it. The comfort is enhanced by the shape of the pillow, with the classic anatomic design that helps give you a healthier spine.

AirX and bamboo for freshness

Each side of the pillow is covered with Dormeo’s® AirX System fabric. This is a highly breathable mesh that lets air continuously circulate throughout the, providing a fresher, dryer sleeping environment. The removable, washable cover contains bamboo fibres, which help regulate the temperature and keep you sleeping comfortably all night.

The natural wonder of bamboo

Bamboo is a fast-growing, versatile material that’s been used for thousands of years, and is sustainable, all-natural, and biodegradable. It’s now available in soft, highly absorbent viscose fibres that can naturally regulate the temperature and absorb moisture, making a cooler, drier, healthier and more comfortable sleeping environment for you and your loved ones, and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause problems for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

Part of a range of bamboo products

The pillow is sized at 30x50cm, and the cover is washable at 60°C. It’s part of a new range of bamboo products, including pillowcases, duvets and toppers, to bring the same fresh comfort and style to all parts of your sleeping experience.

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Linja Dormeo Vitality
Programi Dormeo Fjetja

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